Cambridge Mosque… Case Study

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Cambridge Mosque aims to be Europe’s first eco-friendly mosque by incorporating specialised design features to minimise carbon emissions. Additionally, the project’s award-winning London Eye architect, Marks Barfield Architects, worked closely with world renowned sacred geometer, Keith Critchlow from The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts in London, to include architectural elements from both traditional Islamic architecture as well as the surrounding city of Cambridge in the design. Moy Materials were delighted to be involved in the build where the mosque will accommodate a congregation of 1,000 worshippers, as well as state of the art teaching areas, meeting rooms, a morgue, a café and an Islamic garden designed by Emma Amina Clark. 

Moy specified the Paralon Total Roof System, under our uniquely design acoustically considered tapered insulation schemes, which has been tested as an assembly by the BBA to offer the client a long-term, single-point guarantee for the full system which gave the client complete peace of mind for many years to come.

Installing contractor Green Roofing Company

Roof area 2000m2


The challenge is this way… Premier Inn Chesterfield

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Premier Inn Chesterfield

We are pleased to showcase this complex project, comprising various roof types in Chesterfield. Delivered for our valued client, Blade Roofing Ltd, Bradford, this dilapidated building was suffering from multiple points of water ingress through aged waterproof coverings. An array of internal and external flashing details; items of plant equipment; and a series of substrate types including lead, asphalt, bituminous felt and newly installed timber, required a specialist solution to address isolated sections of poor thermal performance in tandem with full-roof, long-term waterproofing integrity

Working closely with the client’s management team, we agreed a best-fit specification for a roof refurbishment solution, utilising our Enkopur cold-applied liquid roof system including specialist detailing to critical zones. A thermal upgrade was specified over one roof area to improve the building’s thermal performance. The introduction of our Paratorch PIR Insulation improved thermal performance to fall in line with current building standards, improving the internal condition of the spaces below.

Products used: Enkopur cold-applied warm roof system comprising Imper Sticker 3mm VCL, Paratorch PIR Insulation (adhered) and Enkopur fully reinforced, cold-applied waterproofing

Roof area: 1600m2


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Heywood Caravan Park

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We are pleased to showcase this stunning Paralon Total Green Roof project, expertly completed in Burnley, Lancashire. Delivered for our valued client, this new luxury residential home was designed to blend in with the natural surrounding environment, offering an aesthetically pleasing, thermally efficient and watertight roof.

Moy specified our Paralon Total Green Roof System which has been tested as an assembly by the BBA to offer the client a long-term, single-point guarantee for the full system (including the metal decking) which gave the client complete peace of mind for many years to come.

Utilising a green roof, formed of a unique blend of sedum species, offers many benefits including bettering storm water management via reducing rainwater run-off, conserving household energy, increase biodiversity by providing a habitat for wildlife as well as increasing the longevity of the roof waterproofing system.

Products used Paralon Total Green Roof System on Joriside Metal Decking; complete with Moy triple-skin polycarbonate Rooflights

Roof area 600m2

Completed 2019

Installing contractor

Webber Flat Roofing Systems, Burnley