HOT MELT – PARO-MELT the benefit driven waterproofing system

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Learn about MOY and our range of Roof and Waterproofing Systems.  As part of our range of liquid applied waterproofing systems, Paro-Melt® is a 2nd Generation hot melt structural waterproofing system, it’s many benefits include a robust roof system, using superior quality materials such as polymer modified bitumen and membranes with exceptional labour saving compared to traditional hot melt systems, this allow MOY to confidently offer up to a 30 year warranty on Paro-Melt® projects when installed by our approved network of specialist contractors and inspected during it’s installation by the MOY Field Services division. For further information, click the link

Moy ParoMelt Brochure


  • Paro-Melt® Primer
  • Paro-Melt® Reinforcement Mesh
  • Paro-Melt® Hot Melt Compound
  • Paro-Melt® Protection Membrane
  • Paro-Melt® Underlay
  • Paro-Melt® Granular Finish Capsheet
  • Inverted Thermal Insulation
  • Water Reduction and Drainage Layers

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