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Learn more about MOY SINGLE PLY – PVC AND TPO 

MOY’s Single Ply product offering includes both PVC and TPO products as part of full roof systems supplying deck to waterproofing.  This gives many advantages, such as a lightweight and cost-effective roofing solutions that in practice are quick and clean to install, offering a long service life with excellent durability as certified by the BBA, of up to 40 years with standard maintenance.

Independent testing and certification has been received from the BBA and IAB along with many FM Global approved assemblies. MOY can confidently offer a Single Ply Waterproofing system through their long standing partnerships with some of the world’s largest producer of synthetic roofing membranes.

Versatile materials, with a full range of system components and accessories ensures a durable roof that offers the aesthetic qualities typically demanded on visually striking single ply projects.  Our nationwide network of trained installers and regular site inspections during the installation ensures peace of mind when offering a comprehensive warranty up to 25 years.

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