Leading the drive in green roofing MOY has the green solutions

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Leading the drive in green roofing. MOY has the green solutions. MOY, roof waterproofing system specialists are leading experts in green roof systems which include blue, brown, pollinator and habitat replacement roofing systems.

We are delighted to work with local councils and representative bodies who have a comprehensive directive for the establishment of a green network infrastructure.  It is interesting to see who is leading the drive in green roofing as part of the drive to a zero emissions society and to reduce the overall carbon footprint for the betterment of society and future generations.  We can follow those governments and councils which are incorporating a green build solution to their overall environment which can go beyond the comprehensive NZEB standards. It is impressive when representative bodies take the lead and we are fortunate to collaborate on a number of projects as system providers and advisors. 

We came across a Scottish government publication that sites “Green roofs can provide and connect habitats for birds and insects, creating ecological corridors”.  This is very true, positively we are seeing increased enquiries for sedum / green roofs, particularly in regions where every new build development has to consider a green roof element.  Examples include those below are a set of lock ups in Scotland which we are working on with the roofing contractor to install a sedum roof to create a green solution which will encourage and connect wildlife.  Stay tuned for completed project shots.

The differences between extensive and intensive green roofs…


We can supply your total extensive green roof, with a variety of sedum blankets for different conditions or preferences. Our blankets can include sedum species native to the British Isles, native wild flower, ornamental grasses and culinary herbs to add a scent to your roof garden. We also supply cuttings, plug plants and even hydro seeding solutions for larger roofs. The environmental benefits of green roofing are well known but it’s also got to look right. Our expertise in Green Roofs will ensure that your client has a roof worth looking at and looking after.

The Paralon total green roof system is BBA certified as an assembly (achieved in conjunction with our Green Roof partners APP-Diadem), giving you peace of mind that you are choosing a green roof that will stand the test of time. Moy provide all the accessory items necessary to complete your Green Roof Project.  For Extensive Sedum Roof Gardens we provide:

  • Root Resistant Barriers.
  • Protection and water storage fleece layers.
  • A variety of reservoir and drainage layers in convenient board sizes.
  • Rainwater outlets and inspection chambers.
  • Folded aluminium edging to separate growing areas from pebble boarders.
  • Specially formulated growing soils which promote healthy sedum growth and minimise weeding.
  • Sedum vegetation blankets, plug plants and hydro seeding for suitable projects


If the green roof is to be used as a recreational area, walked upon, or forms part of a landscaping aesthetic, then an intensive green roof would be preferable.The Paralon total green roof system is BBA certified as an assembly (achieved in conjunction with our Green Roof partners APP-Diadem), giving you peace of mind that you are choosing a green roof that will stand the test of time.

The drainage board depth is increased and the type of growth medium altered. Our green roof partners, APP Diadem, supply a wide range of drainage boards to suit even the most challenging planting schemes.  Paralon membranes will retain their root repellent characteristics for the lifespan of the roof system. An intensive green roof will offer the widest possible variety in planting and landscaping choices

Moy provide all the accessory items necessary to complete your Green Roof Project. For Intensive Roof Gardens we provide:

  • Fall Arrest and Lightning protection systems which do not penetrate the waterproofing layers.
  • Edge protection railings that utilise the self-weight of the roof garden to resist overturning.
  • Planter construction walls, with a range of finishes, which are factory cut to allow the formation of complex planter designs, incorporating conduit for electrical fittings.
  • Drainage channels and foot grilles to keep door thresholds clean and clear of water.
  • Irrigation units to maintain water supply.


Winter Gardens Rothesay wins NRFC award for Reinforced Bitumen Membranes category

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We were delighted to have collaborated on the iconic Isle of Bute Discovery Centre project, Winter Gardens in Rothesay project. Huge congratulations to Geo. Brolly & Co (Roofing) Ltd working with DM Roofing on the installation and win! 🏆

They are well deserved award winners of the Reinforced Bitumen Membranes category sponsored by #Sika in the  #NFRC RoofingAwards2020

This historic building was suffering from multiple points of water ingress through aged felt coverings. Detailing to hand rail posts and low-standing clerestory windows were of particular concern. Working closely with the client’s Surveyors at Cushman & Wakefield, we agreed a best-fit specification for a roof refurbishment solution, utilising our Paralon Total Warm Roof System (BBA certified as an assembly) with Enkopur cold-applied liquid detailing to critical zones. Red slate chippings from our Paralon membrane were cast into the wet Enkopur resin to provide a consistent finish to this iconic building.

One of our most popular systems, our long-established range of Paralon, Paraflex, Eurogum and now Paro-Melt® polymer modified bitumen membranes, coupled with our highly efficient insulants, offer robust and durable waterproofing solutions for the most demanding of projects.

Independently tested and approved by global test houses to allow MOY offer Factory Mutual Approved, BBA certified full roof systems that are rigorously tested and meet current regulations with regards fire and other critical performance criteria as demonstrated over 40 years of installation and millions of square metres installed.

Our self-adhesive range of bitumen products enables MOY with its roof systems to isolate combustible zones in response to the NFRC’s Safe2Torch guidance and other local demands.  Moy’s range of bitumen membranes are ideal for projects requiring increased life expectancy and offer full system warranties including the materials and installation in a lot of cases