WW2 American Service Base now residential home given MOY Total Warm Roof protection

Longford residential after MOY enkopur repair

New MOY Enkopur Total Warm Roof roof protection was recommended to a previous WW2 American Service Base which is now a Longford residential home.

Working alongside Torus and DLP Services (Northern) Limited, MOY Roof Waterproofing System Specialists were asked to perform a survey and specify a new roof system with a full thermal upgrade. This tired old roof on a Longford residential property was long past its prime. Built during WW2 for American Service Personnel based at nearby RAF Burtonwood, an upgrade to the waterproofing and thermal performance was certainly required. Having carried out a free condition survey and core sample analysis, our expert technical team specified a full removal of the existing waterproofing down to the concrete deck. 

As the building is occupied 24/7 a totally flame free cold applied system was specified, in the form of Moy’s Enkopur Total Warm Roof. With its seamless finish this roof will receive a 20-Year Single Point Warranty covering both Waterproofing and Workmanship. Combined with a British Board of Agrément certification for a service life in excess of 25 years the client can have peace of mind for years to come.


Enkopur Liquid waterproofing is a single pack polyurethane waterproofing system with a fast wet-on-wet roller or brush applied application.

The Enkopur Liquid system is an incredibly versatile waterproofing system that is suited to all new build and refurbishment applications including overlay, warm roof, inverted roof and walkway situations.

The Enkopur system has a rapid wet-on-wet application and is capable of dealing with the most complex of roof details. It is also waterproof immediately upon application which protects the installers’ work against unpredictable weather conditions. This system has been designed with zero compromise and is rapidly becoming the system choice for both installers and specifiers.

System: Enkopur Total Warm Roof

Roofing Area: 250m2

Installer: DLP Services Ltd.

Longford residential before enkopur repair Longford residential before enkopur repair Longford residential before enkopur repair
Longford residential after MOY enkopur repair Longford residential after MOY enkopur repair


MOY Longford Residential case study Enkopur