Moy like to make life easy for our clients and so bring to market a range of roofing accessories which are bound under one system specification and guarantee.



Moy Materials Ltd is a trusted supplier of thermal insulation to the roofing and construction industry. With our extensive experience in thermal insulation, we can provide solutions for even the most complex roof configurations.

We can provide insulation boards flat or tapered to direct rainwater runoff.  The type of board depends on the application. We have various categories of Thermal Insulation:

  • Paratorch is an integral part of the Paralon Warm Roof System. Paratorch is a CFC-free composite insulation board with a bitumen impregnated fibreboard facing. This insulation is designed to accept direct torch bonding of Paralon and can also be used in pour and roll bitumen-bonding applications.
  • Paratherm Insulation is a zero ODP and CFC-free rigid PIR insulation with varying facers to accommodate the different types of waterproofing available:
    • MOY Paratherm T – bitumen impregnated tissue for torch applied systems
    • MOY Paratherm F – foil faced for mechanically attached single ply membrane applications
    • MOY Paratherm G – tissue faced for bonded membrane applications
  • Rockwool Hardrock roof insulation is manufactured from renewable volcanic stone which produces a non-combustible roofing insulation board. The solution is compatible with a range of flat roof systems and boasts an extremely high acoustic performance, especially in conjunction with ROCKWOOL Acoustic Infill and ROCKWOOL Acoustic Membrane for robust fire resistant and acoustic properties in flat roof insulation.  Tested to the highest European fire classification, HARDROCK® Multi-Fix (DD) meets the highest LPCB standards.
  • Perlite recovery boards are roof overlay boards consisting of expanded perlite, binders and fibres. Our recovery boards are coated with oxidised bitumen (approximately 350g/m2) protected by a sacrificial polypropylene film.  They are ideal for roof overlay solutions and can be either mechanically fixed or adhered.
  • Knauf Aquapanel rooftop cement boards are tough cement board for exterior use with a Portland cement and aggregate core and coated glass fibre mesh embedded in the back and front surfaces. Ends are square cut and edges are reinforced and finished smoothly.


One of the most important elements of any waterproofing system is the outlet. After all, this is where the water ends up. The correct outlet choice is dictated by the roof type, or by outlet location.

At Moy Materials, we offer various types of outlet:

  • Harmer outlets: Supplied in cast aluminium, with heavy-duty leaf grates, these are the optimum choice for durability. We promote the full range of standard anti-vortex outlets for both vertical and horizontal (through-wall) conditions. We also supply a wide range of specialist detail outlets and Harmer outlets are available ex-stock.
  • Moy refurbishment outlets: complete with a modified bitumen, PVC or TPO flange, these are ideal for linking to our range of waterproofing systems on refurbishment projects.
  • Ital Profili outlets: We have supplied these reliable, Dutral (a PVC/rubber mix) outlets for over 20 years. The Surefix outlet, with its bolt-on clamping ring, is a popular choice.
  • Pro- Liner refurbishment outlet: When refurbishing, linking new waterproofing to existing pipe work can be problematic. The pro-liner outlet solves this problem with an expanding spigot, which offers a watertight-seal to the original pipe work.


These top quality European-made polycarbonate domes provide a practical and energy efficient daylighting solution for flat roof applications.

  • Double, triple and quadruple skinned polycarbonate domes up to 3m square.
  • Vast range of opening/ventilation options and accessories.
  • Tested, certified and CE marked to BS EN 1873:2014.
  • Completely free of thermal bridges for optimised u-values and minimised condensation risk.
  • World’s first rooflight dome with certified watertightness under heavy rain and storm conditions (DRI > 3.0 m²/s).
  • Thermally insulated GRP upstand with a u-value of <= 0.9 W/m² K.
  • Wide variety of glazing options to satisfy every requirement.
  • Also available as an BS EN 12101-2 certified smoke vent AOV.
  • Wide range of glass rooflights available.



Moy Roof Pro range (full design); Sure Foot range (Contractor design lead)

As building technology has developed, demand for additional comforts, such as roof-mounted air-conditioning units, has increased. These days, flat roofs must support ever-increasing amounts of heavy plant machinery. In the past this meant penetrating the waterproofing to build support frames or casting plinths which required weathering, both of which lead to roof maintenance issues.

Addressing these problems is Roof-Pro: an independent plant support system. There are no penetrations to the waterproofing system and all weights and types of machinery can be supported. Roof-Pro offers full flexibility for future location of services and minimises roof maintenance. At Moy we have supplied this system for over 10 years and have successfully supported every conceivable plant type from small fans and condensers right up to massive 20 tonne units.

We design the frame according to:

  • Wind– Standard frames are stable to in excess of 120mph (Figures increase when heavier loads are imposed)
  • Weight– Our engineers calculate roof strength at design stage
  • Cost– A cost-effective alternative to damaging roof membrane

PU adhesive

Moy PU Adhesive system is specially formulated to bond insulation boards to a variety of substrates, including plywood, concrete and steel decks, and bituminous vapour control layers.

  • Self contained airless spray polyurethane adhesive system
  • Speedy application with up to 350 metres squared coverage per canister.
  • Low rise adhesive formula means insulation boards only have to be placed once.
  • Quick setting and instant grab formulation means the adhesive does not blow away.
  • Robust, pressurised container – can be used in most conditions.
  • Gun does not need to be cleaned after each use. Turn the gun off after use and the moisture block hose prevents adhesive from curing inside the gun or hose.
  • Long reach wand allows the operator to stand during application.

Metal Protective Coatings

Our Enke Multi Protect coatings come in a variety of standard colours, featuring high durability and good opacity. Our coatings can be applied directly on to grease free substrates without the need for priming. This product is compatible with our liquid waterproofing products and can be colour matched for larger orders.

Standard Colours


Capping Adhesive

Enkolit is used for bonding and sealing metal capping’s and sheets such as titanium, zinc, copper, aluminium and stainless steel to other building materials. The strengths achieved comply with DIN 1055.

When installing the metal sheets of facades and roofs over a large area level securing of the sheet surfaces in the visible area is improved by applying Enkolit in strips or partial areas.

Enkolit is a permanently plastic adhesive and sealing compound for straightforward bonding of window sill and wall copings. It is also suitable for fixing verges and eaves, flashings and metal claddings.


Rubberclad EPDM

Water-permeable finishes, such as Architectural Curtain Walling, Stone Cladding, and Porous Clay Tiles, are becoming popular features in façade design. Thankfully, Rubberclad EPDM is the ideal waterproofing barrier. It is highly resistant to water vapour and can be bonded to virtually any substrate.  And, there is a product for every application, whether you’re sealing an entire façade or just the joints between concrete panels and window frames.

With extensive experience in EPDM systems we can advise Architects and Engineers at design stage, offer project-specific installation guidance and even give on-site assistance to Builders and Sub-Contractors.

Merogum Class

O fire-rated liquid waterproofing, Merogum is intended for the protection of cement-based substrates, asbestos-cement and various types of building structures, provided that the slope is higher than 3%. It is also suitable for repairs, maintenance and restoring of bituminous waterproofing surfaces deteriorated over time.

Lexshield peel and stick

Lexshield is a self-adhered air and vapour barrier for use across walls and roofs.  With excellent air and vapour barrier products Lexshield is flexible, tear and puncture resistant and is applied without primer.  The product self-seals around screw and nail penetrations and can be applied in cold temperatures as low as -20C.


Regupol K225 is recognised as being one of the leading impact sound insulation products around. The mixture of cork and rubber provide the levels of resilience required to meet the most stringent of conditions.  Our 3mm and 6mm K225 will meet the building regulation requirements of a noise reduction of 17dB .We have all the relevant test data on-hand.

For more onerous noise reduction requirements, BSW (manufacturers of Regupol) produce products such a Regupol 4515 and Regupol 6510.

Tefond protection and drainage system

Tefond Drain Plus – An incredibly versatile material, Tefond Drain Plus is a high density polyethylene sheet, studded with rounded 8mm dimples. These dimples create a pathway by which excess water quickly trickles away into drains.

Tefond Drain Plus comes in lightweight, 20m x 2.4m rolls and is very easy to install. Simply roll out the sheet, cut it at the required length, and use the press stud fasteners to lock the overlaps shuts.

With Tefond you can:

  • Dry line damp walls in basements
  • Create a supporting layer for concrete paving flag on roof terraces
  • Line soil filled planter units for landscaping

For these applications, Tefond comes with a woven geotextile attached to prevent fine particles in the soil from washing away and clogging your drains.