Roof survey. Stop the leaks, heat loss or track the ingress.

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Looking to get a roofing survey, worried about a leak or heat loss? Contact MOY Roof Waterproofing System Specialists, we can help. At Moy Materials, we pride ourselves in the fact that we are more than just suppliers. Each member of our technical team is highly experienced in the field of waterproofing. As part of our suite of services we can conduct detailed Roof Surveys and Testing using the latest technology.

Surveys can be requested to determine the condition of a particular roof that has had damage or lack of maintenance or in some instances a failed roof installation or product. When conducting a survey, a member of the MOY Technical Services division will visit the roof and visually assess the roof area and complete a report which aims to identify the current conditions of the roof and offer some recommendations with regard to possible repairs, overlay or perhaps replacement if required.

Electronic integrity testing is often a condition of contract for many new roofs being installed.  For older roofs, this form of testing can be used to pinpoint problems.  MOY use a spark-tester to identify pinholes in all membrane types and non-metallic roof coverings such as single ply, built up felt systems or asphalt.

We can where required utilise our thermal imaging equipment to give a visual representation of the condition of the roof and its components.  This level of thermographic detail in addition to moisture readings and core testing for example, can be vital when determining what course of action might be needed.  Moy Materials have two thermographers as part of the technical services team who are qualified to use the equipment and interpret the data obtained on site.  Our experienced team will assess your roof, conduct a spark test, identify areas in need of attention and submit with a detailed written report.

To find out more please contact our office or send through an enquiry form Book A Roof Survey / Test

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