MOY have been instrumental in delivering Waterproofing Systems that are providing secure, solid cover for your building envelope. We have now introduced a new dynamic solution to our MOY offerings with a 24/7 live monitoring of your roofing performance. This intelligent roof solution powered by AquaTrace and combined with a MOY selected waterproofing system is the new MOY Intelligent Roofing Smart Monitoring solution which detects any break in roof performance and feeds back to you in real time via its smart app to your laptop or mobile. Now we are able to dramatically reduce the risk and commercial implications from water ingress into a building.

As the roofing build-up is under construction the MOY intelligent roof solution provides data that pinpoints any anomaly in a building’s waterproofing solution. This takes place in real time and with millimetre accuracy before the water enters the building as the roof is being laid, on completion and throughout the building lifecycle. Water ingress can be sourced to the exact pinpoint location of the ingress and repaired even before it tracks through the system. This can be achieved without any need to interrupt the work function of the building. Our real-time waterproofing performance data will significantly reduce the costs and litigation that can be associated with water damage.



  • Live monitoring of roof performance
  • Early and live warning indication when water ingress penetrates the membrane and before the building
  • Real time alerts via smart app to selected device e.g. signalling a break in the system (which could potentially cause ingress         damage)
  • Ease of installation by integration of existing system components
  • Identifying the exact pinpoint of risk area
  • Allowing for the isolation of area(s) of risk
  • Protection of a high value build


For over 40 years MOY has been a leading provider of globally tested and accredited roof waterproofing systems including Bitumen, Single Ply, Hot Melt, Green Roof Solutions and Liquid membranes. Over the course of any project build our solutions includes design
and spec insight and support, site visits, roofing surveys, inspections and consultation with the client and contractor.

We pride ourselves in providing a business that is driven by a range of solutions that happen to come with a system. From our experience roofs can experience ingress through the building phase from mechanical damage and following trades. Issues can arise post completion from storm damage, lack of maintenance, natural animal damage, mechanical damage caused through roof mounted equipment, personnel walking on the roof or even plant machinery.

This can range from a pinpoint system break to a more damaging and larger water ingress requiring the need to shut down the building while repairs are undertaken. The MOY Intelligent Roofing solution integrates seamlessly within all of the MOY Waterproofing Systems. It allows the immediate and live monitoring of the roof. It offers next level risk protection, ensuring you have security and future proofed your building for its entire lifecycle.


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